Menopausal Madness

Wandering up and down the aisles at the supermarket, a very pleasant assistant asked if he could help me. “Yes please”, I replied, “can you tell me what I came in for?”. Apparently he had no idea…………well, that makes two of us. This menopausal fog descends on me from nowhere. I always thought that men gained a career advantage whilst women took maternity breaks (sour grapes? I did it five.. Read More

Never Tempt Fate

Thirteen unlucky for some, how glibly I wrote those words.  How glibly I crooned about how good my life is now compared to back then. And then the gods of arrogance struck. I was walking back to the office, a sandwich in my left hand, a bag of cinder toffee in the other – yes I know I’m trying to be good but this was calorie free toffee to.. Read More

Home Sweet Home

Boxes everywhere. One house sold, one house given away (mine), one house bought – a sweet, end terrace cottage. Well, we thought we had bought a sweet, end terrace cottage. Now that we have moved in I would describe it – at best – as a project. Legalities aside, how is it that people choose which house to buy on the strength of the estate agents blurb and one or.. Read More

Born Asleep

As I write the tears stream down my face. It’s been just over two weeks since my beautiful grandson was born asleep. It’s taken this long for me to put pen to paper. Born at 36 weeks, silently, asleep, stillborn. My son and his partner heartbroken with grief at the loss of their firstborn little boy. They handed him to me, I walked to the window of the delivery suite… Read More

10,000 Steps

I’m the sort of person who falls into ruts. I celebrate my birthday on the same day every year. I go to work, come home, cook dinner and go to bed. I pretty much follow the same routine every day to be honest, regardless of whether or not it’s my birthday. It’s true to say, the only time my daily routine gets interrupted is if I get slapped in the.. Read More

Thirteen – Unlucky for Some

Some people believe that thirteen is an unlucky number. It’s thirteen years this week since my accident. I have a small part of my brain that can cleverly con me into doing almost anything. I had finally given in and bought a pony for the children. My middle son and youngest daughter were reasonable riders but too young to go off on their own. Walking alongside them when they were.. Read More

Fade to Grey

I started hitting the bottle in my mid-thirties. By the time I was forty, I was an addict and couldn’t live without it. I am of course talking hair dye. The more the grey became obvious, the more obsessive I became about hiding it. I inherited my Sardinian father’s dark hair and (a fair version of) his olive skin. I inherited my green eyes from my mother’s side of the.. Read More

Goodbye and Good Riddance

So he’s finally gone. After nine years of life as a kept man, the ex has finally shipped out. My unwelcome squatter has left the property and is heading back to the land of Aus. In his last goodbye email, he says he’s “done his bit” but needs to move on and hopes that I understand that. To be honest, I’m finding it hard, very hard. It’s the closing of.. Read More

Bog Standard or “Piss” de Resistance

Toilets may seem a strange subject to write about but hey, in Japan, a wash and blow dry took on a whole new meaning for me – and boy was it good! I wrote recently about my love of the madness that is Italy, the scooters, terrible driving, surplus priests, wild gestures, stunning architecture and most of all its smouldering passion. What I didn’t talk about were its toilets, because.. Read More

I Think I’m Turning Japanese – I Really Think So.

Spectacular, spiritual, simply stunning – my first impressions of Kyoto, and it just got better and better. Seoul’d out, Sadie and I arrived in Kyoto for our Japanese adventure. Packed itineraries ahead of us, this was going to be full-on every day. Our adventures started with a cultural tour of the city that included the spectacular Fushimi Inari Shrine famous for its thousands of vermilion tori gates and the Gion.. Read More

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